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I have Unlimited Suggested — why have I run out of profiles to see?



  • Andisocial

    I paid for premium service and I run out of suggestions after about 14 or less every day. I get 0 matches. I'm living in Boston wich iss not a small town. I paid for a whole year of service and I feel like an idiot. This site is a scam.

  • Bethany Floyd

    Run out of suggested matches within 4 days of paying for a subscription. Not to mention the majority of suggestions don't match my preferences. This site is no different than Tinder, but at least Tinder is free.

  • Kim Gloger

    Same...Houston is one of the largest cities in America!

  • Gábor Bánóczi

    This explanation is nonsense.
    I have run out of suggested in the NYC Metro area AND the Discovery tab has plenty of similar or ”matching” profiles. In addition, the the app says I have premium ” You're getting just the essentials with premium.” What now?!!

  • Finn Lee

    Nonsense lie that I am a premium subscriber and there are no unlimited matches after I subscribe, what should I do to get unlimited matches?


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